Massage today is no longer a luxury- it is a necessity. With all the uncertainties of life, our bodies are bound to hold tension as we navigate through life. Sometimes, this tension manifests as pain that can easily be relieved with the help of regular massage. Studies show that eighty percent of Americans will experience back pain at some time in their lives.

When you get a massage, you begin to feel better before the massage therapist even enters the room. Your nervous system start to relax just by carving out some time for yourself and being in a dimly lit, quiet space surrounded by calming music and soothing elements. During your massage, it’s all about you and your needs.

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The Benefits Of Massage

The warm sheets feel smooth on your skin. As soon as your massage begins, all the tension and stress you’ve been carrying begins to dissipate through the healing power of touch.

As you settle onto the massage table, remaining still, you can focus on the rhythm of your own breath, quieting your mind and letting your thoughts pass by.

You’re truly engaging in the present moment — otherwise known as mindfulness.

The health benefits of massage therapy extend beyond simply soothing aches and pains. For the same reasons that a massage is relaxing, it can also soothe anxiety and depression. Massage reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which helps to lower blood pressure and raise spirits.

It is also an effective way to promote healthy sleep as it affects delta waves, the brain waves connected to deep sleep. The stress-reducing powers of massage can also keep you healthy, increasing the function of your immune system and helping to increase white blood cell counts.

Therapeutic Massage

Our most popular treatment, therapeutic massage allows our talented massage therapists to combine their advanced skillsets in order to meet your needs. This massage may consist of either deep tissue or relaxation techniques, and will very often include a combination of both! Each therapeutic massage is customized to address your needs and concerns each time you come to the table. This service can be booked for 60, 90, or 120 minutes. If you’ve never had a massage, or if you’re not sure what type of massage to book with us, this is the best place to start!

Dope Massage

Dope massage adds CBD or full spectrum cannabis oil to our therapeutic massage offering, which allows our talented massage therapists to combine their advanced skillsets in order to meet your needs. Each dope massage is customized to address your needs and concerns each time you come to the table.

Benefits of a Dope Massage include reduction of post-workout soreness and muscle fatigue, decreased pain in the body, assistance with arthritic pain and joint inflammation, relief of pain due to strain or injury, decreased pain associated with peripheral neuropathy, help with fibromyalgia pain, and addressing skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage provides benefits for the body, mind, and baby. It can alleviate stress on weight-bearing joints and assist in remedying many of the common discomforts of pregnancy such as lower-back pain, leg cramps, fatigue, and hip and joint pain.

Pregnancy massage can also stabilize hormonal levels and help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes.

Along with the guidance and advice of a prenatal care provider, massage therapy can be incorporated into routine prenatal care for the duration of your pregnancy as an emotional and physical health supplement.

Regular massage during pregnancy has been shown to improve pregnancy outcomes and maternal health.

Himalayan Salt Rock Massage

Himalayan Salt Stones contain 84 naturally occurring minerals. The minerals provide a gentle exfoliation on the skin, making the skin feel smooth and soft after your massage session.

Himalayan Salt Stones also give off negative ions. What does this mean? When there are too many positive ions in the body, which we are exposed to often due to cell phones and other technology,  it can lead to inflammation. Therefore, being massaged with the stones helps balance the positive ions with negative ions.

The minerals in the Himalayan Salt stones assist in the detoxification process of massage. Massage alone is detoxifying because it is moving the blood and the lymph around in the body. It helps to circulate the toxins out of the body. The minerals in the stones help to draw out the toxins even further.

The stones themselves are antimicrobial, making it a very safe and sanitary option for an add on to your massage during these times. Himalayan Salt Rocks are heated, adding a comforting, earthy element to your massage as well.

Cupping Massage

Cupping massage provides a kind of reverse massage, pulling up through the tissue, creating stretch, and increasing hydration and blood flow.

Pain and tension are reduced in a fraction of the time and with much less discomfort than with other manual techniques.

Five minutes of cupping massage can relax the tissue as much as 30 minutes of manual work, while static cupping is like having an extra therapist working on your tight areas, while your therapist is free to work on other needy muscles!

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