Buti Yoga is a fusion of yoga, plyometrics, and tribal dance. Book a Buti class at JTB Wellness today...

Buti Yoga

Buti Yoga is a fusion of yoga, plyometrics, and tribal dance set to transform you from the inside out. The name Buti is derived from an Indian Maranthi word which means “the cure to something hidden or kept secret.” More than just stretches and poses, Buti classes are fun, high-energy workouts that feel more like dancing than work. Sweat along to the pulsing beat of the music while reconnecting with your body. Buti utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique to sculpt and tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen your core. The movements will challenge your body along all planes of motion, resulting in long, lean muscle and curves. You will leave class feeling the Buti bliss- fierce, refreshed, energized and ready to take on the world!

The Benefits Of Buti Yoga

Buti Yoga inspires you to let go and be free inside your body, follow natural movements, and feel liberated. The spiraling motions of Buti free your hips and increase energy flow throughout the body. This high-energy workout will improve your heart health, increase circulation, reduce stress, and lengthen and sculpt your muscles. You will notice a change in your abdominal structure within the first few weeks. Regular practice can also help lower blood pressure, reduce insomnia, increase flexibility and strength, and improve metabolism. By the end of each Buti class you will feel stronger, more empowered and more in touch with your inner self.

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