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It’s no secret that getting a massage feels amazing. You will begin to feel better before the therapist even enters the room. Your nerves start to unwind just by being in a dark, quiet space surrounded by calming music and soothing scents. The warm sheets feel smooth on your skin. And once your massage begins, all that tension and stress you carry begins to be released through the power of touch. As you settle onto the massage table, remaining still, you can focus on the rhythm of your own breath, quieting your mind and letting your thoughts pass by. You’re truly engaging in the moment — otherwise known as mindfulness.

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Relaxation, or Swedish massage, uses smooth, flowing strokes that can be helpful for warming up your muscles. Relaxation massage is a great approach for a total body treatment that promotes a feeling of wellness and rejuvenation.

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Deep Tissue

This type of massage is focused on pain relief through manipulation of soft tissue including muscle and fascia. Deep tissue is great if you’ve been experiencing chronic pain, have an injury, or lead an active lifestyle.

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Massage has many wonderful benefits for both mother and baby, and is a great way to nurture yourself and your baby through all stages of the pregnancy. Our therapists are certified in specialized pregnancy massage techniques.


Myofascial pain affects soft tissue and causes skeletal muscle immobility and pain, a common factor behind a variety of conditions. Myofascial release focuses on reducing pain by easing the tension in these trigger points.

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