Himalayan Rock Salt Massage

Himalayan Salt Rock Massage

Himalayan Salt Stones contain 84 naturally occurring minerals. The minerals provide a gentle exfoliation on the skin, making the skin feel smooth and soft after your massage session. Himalayan Salt Stones also give off negative ions. What does this mean? When there are too many positive ions in the body, it leads to inflammation. Therefore, being massaged with the stones helps balance the positive ions with negative ions. The minerals in the Himalayan Salt stones assist in the detoxification process of massage. Massage alone is detoxifying because it is moving the blood and the lymph around in the body. It helps to circulate the toxins out of the body. The minerals in the stones help to draw out the toxins even further. The stones themselves are antimicrobial, making it a very safe and sanitary option for an add on to your massage during these times.

The Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Rock Massage

Adding a heated element to any sort of massage is super relaxing! It also encourages your muscles to let go of tension. This is why we use table warmers, thermophores, and hot stones. Why add Himalayan Salt Rocks to your massage? Because it has even more benefits than traditional hot stone massage!

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