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Next program begins Fall 2024

JTB’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200)

Our mission is to guide you on a remarkable journey towards holistic well-being and self-discovery. With a foundation rooted in the philosophy of “Root down to rise up,” we invite you to elevate your existence by immersing yourself in the wonders of nature, harmonizing with your body, and connecting with a like-minded community in a truly magical setting. Our meticulously designed retreats offer an array of transformative experiences, from Chakra-inspired yoga practices that align your energy centers, to introspective journal prompts, serene meditations, and exhilarating adventures that awaken your spirit.

Throughout this program, we will be teaching concepts using visual, interactive, auditory, and kinesthetic tools to ensure that course content is accessible to all learning styles. The bulk of the course will be taught in person at JTB Studios one weekend a month on Saturday and Sunday providing you with a supportive group learning atmosphere and hands on experience for teaching in-person. While the remaining portion of the course will be available through self-guided e-learning modules giving you the flexibility to complete each session on your own time.

Students often pursue yoga teacher training because of an interest in becoming a yoga instructor, however many students dive into training with the intention of deepening their understanding of yoga and their connection to a personal yoga practice. You do not have to have a goal of becoming a teacher to participate in this training, but you will be well equipped to be a leader in the yoga community once you graduate.

The course includes unlimited free yoga throughout the entire training at JTB Studios.

By the time you graduate from JTB Yoga Academy, you will:

✨Have a thorough understanding of the asanas (poses)

✨Feel confident developing a Hatha or Vinyasa yoga class using your unique, creative voice

✨Understand how to modify poses, breathwork, and meditations to make them accessible to most anyone

✨Know how to use props — blocks, straps, wheels, towels, bolsters, blankets, etc.

✨Have a real world understanding of yoga philosophy and be able to create ease in your life by applying yoga principles

✨Understand human anatomy and physiology, including muscles, bones, and nerves, and how they interact to make us move

✨Be able to breathe deeply and efficiently, and explore a multitude of breathing practices for personal practice and to gift to your future students

✨Have done a deep dive into the subtle body, exploring the energy systems that make you YOU

✨Be able to connect with and explain the Chakra system

✨Be familiar with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and understand how the sutras are still relevant in our modern world

✨Have explored various styles of meditation and be equipped with meditation scripts to deliver to your future students
✨Be able to apply for RYT designation through Yoga Alliance

✨Have deep connections with fellow students based on your shared journey into yourselves

… and so much more!

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Next Program Training Dates

Sept 7-8, 2024
Oct 5-6, 2024
Nov 16-17, 2024
Dec 7-8, 2024
Jan 11-12, 2025
Feb 8-9, 2025
March 8-9, 2025
April 5-6, 2025
May 3-4, 2025
May 31-June 1, 2025

The schedule has been arranged with intention — you will stay plugged into the content and be introduced to a variety of concepts that build upon one another, allowing you to immerse and assimilate the course material rapidly and thoroughly.

Tuition Options:

EARLY BIRD: 1 full payment of $2,500 by 5/31/24

EARLY BIRD: 4 installments totaling $2,750 by 8/1/24

1 full payment of $3,000 by 8/15/24

5 installments totaling $3,200 with first payment by 8/15/24

Scholarships may be available.

Continue scrolling to see samples of our JTB Yoga Academy curriculum content!

Enjoy a 10 minute Multidimensional Being Meditation with Jess. This meditation is one of many that are included in our curriculum. By the end of this course, you will be able to comfortably lead a group in this meditation.

This is a sample of a title page from one of our e-learning modules. In order to accommodate for different learning styles, you will have access to the transcripts, audio files, and a variety of activities to help with comprehension throughout each unit!

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