Christmas is over. Maybe you’re buzzing a little from the intake of candy, cakes, and cocktails…. you’re cleaning up paper, decompressing from social obligations, and enjoying some downtime as we slip into the cool, dark New England winter. As we regroup over the next week and assess our goals for the new year, you might be thinking about what you can do to feel GOOD in 2019. Feeling good comes in many forms, but I’ve found that adding a little (or a lot) movement into your world, plugging into a community, and treating your body with love and respect can make a huge impact on your everyday life.

I’ve been musing over the huge impact the services we offer at JTB have made in the lives of so many this past year. I feel so proud of the team I have, from the yoga teachers to the group fitness instructors to the massage therapists. I love being able to offer such a diverse class schedule and provide opportunities for people to find a way that they enjoy moving their body and stick with it. I love watching clients come in for a massage treatment and seeing them leave feeling and looking like a new person. I love watching my nutrition clients slay their goals, keeping them accountable, and sticking by them when they struggle. (And we ALL struggle sometimes.) Mostly, I love hearing the clients and members encourage new students when they come in after their first class… I love seeing special friendships develop along with hugs and tears in the reception area every single day… I love being the leader of that something for someone in so many different ways.

In recognizing that we stand out in more than one way, and that rest, recovery, and proper nutrition go hand in hand, I’ve been re-evaluating our membership options. I realize that self-care can get a little pricey, and I’ve been thinking a lot about ways that I can help make all of our transformational services more accessible to more people.

So, here it is… Introducing three new levels of membership for 2019.

Level One Membership– Join our Level One Membership and enjoy unlimited classes for just $99 per month! This was previously labeled, “Platinum Membership,” and while many people were able to sign up during promotions at $99, some of you have been paying $115 per month for unlimited classes. Starting January 1, everyone at this level will pay $99. (This will be automatically adjusted on your account.) This level will cap at 30 members.

Next Level Membership– Take it to the next level with our Next Level Membership with Massage! With this contract, you will receive unlimited classes on the regular weekly schedule and one 60 minute massage per month with Peter or Alison OR weekly remote nutrition coaching for $150 per month. This level will cap at 20 members.

Level Up Membership– Level UP with our Level Up Membership option! With this contract, you will receive unlimited classes on the regular weekly schedule, one 60 minute massage per month with Peter or Alison, and weekly remote nutrition coaching for $200 per month. This level will cap at 10 members.

All members will have access to exclusive, monthly, members only workshops and socials. You will also now be invited to bring one guest per month at no charge.

These memberships will not be available for purchase until January 1! Check your inbox New Year’s Day with a link that will direct you to our Mindbody site where you can choose your best level before they max out.

If membership is not in your budget, I understand. We will continue to offer drop ins at $16 per class, 5 class passes for $75, and 10 class passes for $145. (All passes have a 6 month expiration date.) Starting in January, we will also be offering, “First Friday Free,” pop up classes. These classes will run at 6 p.m. on the first Friday of every month and will be a different class format every time. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for event updates and be sure to register as soon as we announce them as they are sure to fill up quickly!

Finally, any new students who want to check out our classes for the first time during the month of January will be able to purchase $30 for 30 days UNLIMITED classes. This option will be available for purchase January 1 through the 31st, it can only be purchased at your first ever class here, and it expires 30 days from the date of your first class. In February, we will go back to our everyday new student special of $10 for 10 days unlimited.

Cheers to the best year yet. <3

All my love,