We got an infrared sauna! And it is the best. We are obsessed, and we are telling everyone to give it a try!

The feedback has been wonderful, and we are getting super booked up with sauna visits- so much so that we are adding expanding hours and scheduling in the spring! But… there has been a question on many of your minds when we ask if you’d like to go in that has surprised us… What do I do in there?

Actual conversation at JTB this week:

Client (while receiving a massage): “How’s it going with the sauna? I was reading up on it, and hadn’t realized there are so many intrinsic benefits to infrared sauna therapy!”

Jess: “I know right?!”

(Proceeds to list many of the benefits and gush about how much she loves it and tries to go in as much as possible.)

“Do you want to hop in after your massage?”

Client: *look of shock and horror* “No.”

Jess: “I’m confused.”

Client: “Have you ever watched the show You on Netflix?”

Jess: “Ok, I get it.” 😂 (Proceeds to assuage his fears and gets him in the sauna post-massage.)

People seem very concerned about sitting in the sauna for 30-45 minutes with nothing to do. (Other people love this concept!) We get it, and we hope this helps 😎

✨ Our fancy pants sauna has bluetooth capability so you can connect and listen to your favorite music, podcast, or audiobook.

✨ You can even bring your phone in there! (Though taking a break is nice, just sayin’.)

✨ Like to read? We have lots of books on hand at JTB, so grab something that strikes your fancy- whether it’s a book on mindfulness or the latest best-selling murder mystery- and take it into the sauna and then home with you after your visit!

✨ Want some company? Book a bestie sesh for you and another person! (A great way to get to know someone after your favorite yoga or workout class at JTB!)

Is there another concern or hang up you have about the sauna? Let us know! Infrared sauna therapy is so good for your overall health and vitality, we wouldn’t want you to have to miss out because you didn’t have the right information.

Schedule a sauna visit here or send us a message with your questions!