Yoga is for everybody.

Every gender.

Every race.

Every color, creed, belief, and background.

When yoga is practiced in a loving, accepting space, it promotes a sense of well-being.

Side effects of beginning a yoga practice can include a desire to take better care of one’s self and explore the ethics and traditions behind this ancient practice. Simple, constructive things like being kinder to your neighbor, asking bigger questions in your spiritual practice, and caring for your body, the divine vessel you live life in.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

If you can show up on your mat, you are doing yoga.

If you want to take up space, there is a space for you.

If you wish to speak, there are people who wish to listen.

We can all agree that health, vitality and a sense of belonging are universal principles.

It is my belief that something so universally needed should not be separated by class, income level, and belief system – but was designed to be enjoyed, appreciated and shared by all.

If you believe that caring for yourself, spreading joy and feeling pleasure in your body is truly for EVERYBODY – then what you can do to make the world a better, healthier place is by living this value.

It’s true!

If you wish for more people to value health and practicing yoga, you must be an example to someone else.

A friend for someone in need who is going through turbulence.

A friendly face in a fitness class when someone is trying it out for the first time.

An inspiration to someone who wishes for your strength and flexibility someday.

If you believe in yoga’s magic…do more yoga!

At JTB, we have something for everybody. Every level, every need, every time.

We know the human body is dynamic and seasons change and bring different needs.

That is why we have the variety in our service menu that you might not see elsewhere.

JTB was created with YOU in mind.

Therefore, this blog post is dedicated to you, our clients at JTB who show up for themselves – the ones who understand we do not do yoga simply for ourselves, but for our communities.

For the person next to us in class.

To share energy with our instructors and staff.

To center ourselves to be better friends, partners, parents, and citizens.

We hope you enjoy taking up space and shining your light….as much as we enjoy having you!