Let me explain…

Yoga was made for the soul.

Yoga was made for the spirit.

Yoga was divinely designed to get energy in the body moving around, then open and clear the chakras, and close them back up again so that we may come back to love from an elevated vibration.

Yoga was made for fun, for fitness, for movement.

Yoga was made for YOU.

Don’t believe me?

Notice how diverse, beautiful and ever-evolving the practice of yoga is.

Take Hatha Yoga, for example, an ancient practice that is designed to deepen relaxation and hold the body still to deepen flexibility within grounded, static poses. It is a very calming class to take to wind down at the end of the day. 

On the other hand, we also have Vinyasa Yoga. This class tends to a little more fast-paced – as every moment is synced with breath – to achieve greater balance, endurance and strength. This style of yoga invigorates the spirits and creates heat in the body for tapas, or purifying, detoxing practice. 

Think of this practice like dancing, flowing and connecting to deeper consciousness… and getting a great healthy sweat. 

Power Yoga, like Vinyasa, is moved to the rhythm of your own breath – sequenced with your own intuition. Classes may include more dog cycles or Suryanamaskaras to create more heat, engage more muscles in the body, burn out the shoulders and biceps for a more challenging, detoxing practice. Power Yoga classes also may be heated. 

Buti Yoga is a very dynamic form of yoga. It blends yoga, plyometrics, and dance. This is to transform the student from the inside out. Each class is sequenced intuitively and no two classes are ever the same. Classes involve primal movement to connect to our human roots and deep core toning to deepen your stability. Movement is done with creative sequencing to eclectic music designed to get the student out of their heads and into their bodies.

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a branch of yoga where we find complete relaxation and stillness in order to connect with our pure selves- a place of calm and connection. This type of yoga requires no physical exertion whatsoever. In yoga nidra you are guided by the voice of the speaker into relaxation of all of the koshas- starting with our physical body and drawing us in to pure Atman- joy and authenticity.

The styles of yoga – from traditional to beer yoga or goat yoga, are designed to get new people to try it and have fun outdoors – vary and will continue to vary as the practice and the population evolves.

What’s YOUR favorite kind of yoga?