It is a very beautiful thing to have found your favorite fitness class…

The one.

You might be in love with your favorite barre class and maybe a little too intimidated to try something else…

You may have Suryanamaskar A and B totally down and cling the comfort of that  yoga class

You may even feel like you’ve found what many refer to as their soulmate workout, like Buti Yoga, and be totally in love.

“It has everything – I’m good! 

I don’t need to try anything else!”

Can you get everything you need from one workout?

The short answer is, no.

Even die-hard fitness adrenaline junkies, who you may find at a Strength, HIIT or Butts + Guts class – will need to mix it up with something more restorative….and keep their bodies guessing in order to grow and breakthrough any plateaus.


Our bodies crave various movement. 

Have you ever taken yoga classes, only to find your body craves strength to feed your beautiful muscles?

Have you ever taken multiple barre classes, and get the urge to just sprint?

If not, that’s totally okay – but it may be time to feed your body different movement styles!

As you increase your body’s intuition, you will start to get a better understanding of what it needs to fit your goals. 

In order to strengthen, to relax, to stretch, and to support you in your daily tasks.

Move your body in as many different ways as possible. Become more adaptive to different movement patterns.

Not only does this change the patterning of your brain, (making you smarter, a more creative thinker and adaptable) but it makes daily tasks easier with a multi-faceted fitness toolbox.

Your body is multidimensional, your spirit is multifaceted – like a crystal will many edges and sides, with its own brilliance. 

Fortunately for you, JTB Wellness has this all in mind during the careful curation of our schedule.

Be sure to vary up the way you move your body – check our schedule, ask a member of our staff or send us a message if you want to learn more ways you can challenge your body and mind in new ways!